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Well.. I am a Photographer and technology addict. I use both Macs and PCs. I work to keep people safe from the Internet and each other. I love vintage electronics. Long live Laser Discs and Reel to Reels!

I collect classic video games and vintage computers. I retrofit vintage computers to surf the web, use flash hard drives and LCD monitors because I can.

I explore abandoned places, ruins and Ghost Towns.

I do photography for Mixxt Entertainment.. Someday I'd love to run a photo studio in southern Arizona.

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Apple III power suppy repair

A few months back.. I was lucky enough to have someone donate their Apple collection to me. I was very excited about a boxed Apple III Plus. After about two days of playing with it and creating a handful of bootable WAP user group disks for it, when deep in thought in the middle of a puzzle game.. Smoke started pouring out the back of the machine. I panicked, unplugged everything, then desperately tried to open the case as fast as possible to stop whatever was on fire. Smoke was still pouring out the case and I had never opened this thing before. Found the smoke coming from the power supply, awesome, only like a dozen screws to get that out.. Finally got it out did a damage assessment.

Found a blown capacitor. After doing some web searching on this, apparently everyone has this problem with this .22uf capacitor. Couldn’t find one locally, ordered 2 from Taiwan, waited three weeks, idiots sent the wrong parts. Searched again, found some in the US..

If you find this blog post and need this .22uf 250v X2 capacitor, here it is. Found lots of message board posts about this problem, all with dead links. Let’s see know long this one lives.

Anyway, got it and just replaced my dead and blown one. Fingers crossed.. Fired it up.. It’s alive!!

Sweet, Apple III back is action for about two dollars.. Ah yeah..

Pasted Graphic 4
Pasted Graphic 5


I got around to setting up my UltraSatan yesterday on the Atari MegaSTE. I ordered this thing close to 4 months ago, almost had given up on it. They are handmade by a guy in the UK that no longer makes them. It finally showed up in the mail a few weeks ago. By that point, I already had my AdSCSI Plus ST up and going using a 2GB Jaz drive as the boot disk for the MegaSTE.

But I figured I should at least give this thing a go after waiting for it so long. I was able to
use The ICD Pro software to format a 512MB SD card on the MegaSTE. Then started looking at using some pre-made images to avoid having to copy over all my games on the MegaSTE itself. I found this program works perfectly, even in Win7 x64. Drive Image Software. Picked up a 2 pack of 2GB SD cards at Fred Meyer yesterday for 10 bucks. Used the drive image software to create two cards using the 2GB images at this link. ST HD images. MegaSTE boots and mounts both cards at the same time on the UltraSatan.

Very nice, I am loving it. UltraSatan didn’t come with a power adaptor, but using an old 9v Sega Master System power supply does the trick nicely.

Just setup a page about my
Mega STE and have some pictures of it here.

Marblemount, Washington

Sitting at home sick. Good time to work on old pictures. Here is an old bar, house, huge garage along with a ton of old vehicles left. Not sure if the place is even there anymore, I might have to drive back up there sometime, this was about three years ago. Got attacked by bats in the bar, that was fun..

Abandoned Marblemount

Abandoned Kenmore

Finally went to explore some old abandoned houses pretty close to where I live. Not exactly sure yet what the story with them is. It's like a little compound of them, about 5 in all.

Abandoned Kenmore

Twin Arrows and Gold King

Finally got around to posting some pictures from last year. Twin Arrows Trading Post along old Route 66 and Gold King Mine, behind Jerome a bit.

Twin Arrows , Gold King Mine
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