Photography is the best stress relief I have found yet from the grind of life.

My biggest inspirations are historic ruins, abandoned buildings, ghost towns, forgotten places.

I feel strongly about preservation and documentation of places such as these before they fade completely away from history. With the rate of development I see around the Northwest and Southwest, time it limited.

I use and recommend to everyone Canon equipment.

I use 40D and 20D bodies. My favorite lens for the past few years is my 16-35mm f/2.8L. Never lets me down in any situation.

All processing is done in Aperture and Photoshop on OS X.

I highly recommend Aperture if you run OS X, or Adobe Lightroom if running Windows. They make managing your workflow so much better. You can download free trials of either one.

Most pictures are on this site, others are on

My Flicker Page

My Photo.NET Page