Researching, exploring and documenting Ghost Towns is what I have the most passion for in life. Nothing else compares to the appeal of things past and forgotten. I have explored over forty ghost towns. Some are nothing more than a concrete block now. Most get worn down from weather, fire or vandalism. I feel it is important to explore and document what I see and feel. Very few states do hardly anything if nothing at all to protect them. Private citizens own some, some were turned into tourist areas to survive and a few are protected by the state. But these are few are far between. Most get worse and fade more away every year I visit them.
I'd love find a way to make a living of doing this and spend my time Photographing and documenting these important pieces of our history.
My old highschool. Now abandoned.
How about that phone number.. Who needs prefixes? Yet, I lived in a town that made this one look like LA. Yup, we had phone numbers like that.