Aug 2009

Snow Leopard

Good times. All the Macs are now running Snow Leopard. Now to see if I can post this update without any problems. Winking Wiped and reloaded, now having to set everything back up.

Kite Festival

Just got back from a trip to the Kite Festival at Long beach, Washington. I’ll have pictures of the kites up soon. Just added a page for Fort Canby, an old Civil War fort.

Cyberduck and Pictures

Just finished some massive overhauls of most of the old photo galleries that were using an older format. Also adding a bunch of pictures to the Tucson and Jerome pages. I also put together a Superior Arizona page finally.

Also many thanks to the fine makers of CyberDuck FTP software. This amazing and totally free product have saved the day for keeping my website up to date as there are some problems with RapidWeaver publishing to Mobile Me currently.