Dec 2007


Someone pointed me to this about a week ago. I finally checked it out. This website is great. You can listen to all sorts of music and it starts to learn what you like. It's totally free, there is a web player or you can download a player. They have both Windows and OS X clients, I have them both, they work great. You can then start seeing what you have in common with your friends. It works with Windows Media Player and iTunes to learn your listening style.

You can see my profile and get the links to listen and download the client. Add me as a friend to your profile when you get one setup.

Very cool stuff..

Massive Flooding

Took three hours to get home from work today, leaving at 3pm. It has been raining very hard non stop for three days now. Bothell and Kenmore are flooded and being evacuated. The next exit up on the freeway is underwater. Good times. At least my house it at a higher elevation and isn't in at any risk at this point. But it's a disaster all over the state. Hopefully this clears up soon.

This is right down the street.

Crazy stuff..