Jan 2008

Bisbee and Jerome

Hello everyone. I just added some galleries of Bisbee and Jerome.

NetNewsWire is a great RSS reader for OS X. They just made there amazing reader freeware.

http://www.newsgator.com/Individuals/NetNewsWire/Default.aspx Check it out.


On a role..

Added a fair amount of Ruby pics.. More to come..

Tucson, Clarksdale and Bumble Bee

Three new Photo Galleries up now. Tucson, Clarksdale and Bumble Bee

Higher Rez

Well, time to re-render my photo galleries. I am not happy with the compression of the pictures in RapidWeaver, so I am re-doing my galleries using RapidAlbum. This great RapidWeaver Plugin is written by Scott Mackie at http://www.smackie.org/Software/

Now I have greater control of the quality of this pics among other things. The first Gallery using this new compression my new SASCO Gallery. Now to redo the existing ones.

Vacation is over

Well. It's now 2008 and vacation is over.. Sigh.. After three weeks of perfect weather in Arizona, was welcomed by cold rain when I got back to Seattle. Big shock there. Just starting to unpack and get settled back in. Time to process some pictures. The new 12GB San Disk Extreme III card was a God send. I only filled the card twice vs three or four cards a day with my 2GB Ultra II Cards.

I'll be adding new Ghost towns shortly.