Nov 2007


Well, Apple just released Leopard 10.5.1, basically the first service pack. This seems to have cleared up all the wireless issues with certs I was having at work. RapidWeaver is up to Alpha 4 now. I haven't had a system crash now in over a week. Yippie.. Always fun being the first one on the block with the new software. Now I can get around to adding some more pictures.

Oh yes.. I found my missing Ruby pictures, so I'll be adding a section for those.

Leopard and Web Authoring

So.. About that Leopard praise I had. Well, that was until I actually tried to publish it. Then everything exploded. Bad issues with my Web software (Rapid Weaver) and Leopard. But the folks at Rapid Weaver are great and have already pushed out two alpha builds that seem to be getting the problems resolved. If you are reading this, it means that the Alpha 2 build is somewhat stable. Hopefully I can put up some more reviews of my RAID gear and not have it crash on me repeatedly.

Other than that, Leopard still rocks.. Happy


Well. Leopard is out now.. How is it? Well for me, it's great. My games that have been ported to OS X from Windows via Cider work GREAT now. Battlefield 2142 works perfectly, no crashes on boot, which is actually the default behavior on Tiger and EA just ignored it. OpenGL updates in Leopard really help these Cider games perform.

Time Machines, great idea. Well except it destroyed my weekend trying to get an external eSATA solution working. I was already running low on drive space and needing to mirror my boot drive didn't help. Due to this weekend of frustration, I have added a Mac Hardware section to my site to hopefully save some other pour soul from the same. I have about five reviews to write now due to this.

All that drama aside, so far I am loving Leopard. Had a few apps I had to reinstall after upgrade, nothing major. No major issues yet.