iDay and Me

Well. Today is iDay. The iPhone goes on sale in about an hour from now. I have never seen so much hype for a cell phone. Everyone is standing in line. It's insane.. Debating on getting one. Not standing in line, I want to see what last minute details are reviled.

Here are my current issues.

1) Exchange Direct Push Active Sync Support. I get all my email in real time on my HTC Hermes (ATT 8525) - Running a custom build of Windows Mobile 6. I have gotten used to the real time email. It's a blessing and a curse to be able to keep up with what's going on at the office. This is supposedly coming via Apple or a third party. I'll want to find out first before drop 600 bucks.
2) No 3G. Yes it's limited, yes it chews battery life. But I have it now.. Sad Edge is slower, but looks like it just 2x-4x jumped in speed last night. Looks like a last minute ATT and Apple surprise.
3) 8GB? Why not 30GB or so like current iPods? I'll fill 8GB fast..
4) No blue tooth modem support. Having a 3G and Edge wireless connection for the laptop rocks when I need some info out in the sticks when driving. But at the same time, if Safari works as good as it looks, maybe I can just use the phone to look up things.. Still having this is nice..

That's about it. I want one, but want to see what the story is for email first. Other issues are not deal breakers..

So.. We shall see in a few days.. 3G support coming for UK iPhone?? Rumor has it.. I'll take on of these phones please.. Happy