eSATA ExpressCards.

Dynex 2-Port eSATA II ExpressCard - Cost $59.99 at Bestbuy. Do not get one of these cards for your Macbook or MacBook Pro. First off, the drivers included with this card as well as the ones on the Dynex Website do not install properly in Leopard. This card uses the Silicon Image 3132 chipset, which simply doesn't work in OS X. There are newer drivers on the Silicon Image website for this chipset (Listed as 3132 PCIe drivers). However I'm not even going to link to the various drivers. Simply put, the SIL3132 chipset sucks in OS X. It is not stable, has Kernel Panics often. If the drive is inserted while on, removed while or, copy to much data to fast or resume from sleep, all of these things will result in a Kernal Panic. It's not this Dynex card, it's any card that uses this chipset. Griffin, Dynex etc.. I had the exact same problem with the card that came with the Venus drive enclosure.

OWC ExpressCard/34 eSATA SATA I/II - Cost $18.99 or $21.99 after shipping from Other World Computing. Simply put, this card works perfectly. It uses a JMicron JMB360 chipset, which works flawlessly in OS X. After a solid week of use, nothing causes a Kernel Panic or anything close in OS X. The card can be inserted while on, removed while on, no problem. Copy speeds in muCommander come in around 55MB/s while copying data from internal laptop HD. The card requires no drivers for OS X and it bootable as well. I did a mirror of my HD with Disk Utility to an external eSATA drive and was able to boot from it. This card also works perfectly in Windows 7 x64 Build 7000 when booting directly into Windows on my MacBook Pro. I highly recommend this card if you are looking for a good eSATA card for your Mac, the price is right as well.

Memory Card reader ExpressCards.

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