Icy Dock MB561S-4S Quad Bay eSATA Enclosure

I picked up this unit for $250. I needed something with better power than the Venus T4S case. This one has a 200W power supply. The difference is this unit has no port multiplexer so four eSATA cables are needed from the case to the eSATA card vs one with a multiplexer such as the one in the Venus T4S. This also meant I needed a new eSATA card with four ports. I picked up the Highpoint RocketRAID 2304 card.

Installed the card and the drives in the case. Everything worked great. Very nice looking case, great construction, with one fatal flaw. While this unit has a 80mm cooling fan, the power supply has a 40mm fan. This unit is supposed to have smart fan control. Well after about 20 minutes of being on, that little power supply fan sounds like a plane getting ready to take off. I could hear it in my kitchen, my bedroom and it drove me nuts in my office. It's looks are like the Mac, it is advertised to compliment it. Well unless your office is in a construction yard or you are hard of hearing, it's not for your home office. It would certainly be fine in a server closet or something. Just not right next to you.

Everything besides that was perfect about this unit, but the sound issue was a deal breaker for me. This unit went back to the store.

For a more detailed review if you are thinking about it, the folks at HardOCP did a great write up of it