The Atari Mega STE is the top end of my Atari computer collection. This system is by far the most difficult system I own to find parts for. I picked up this system as is without cables, monitor, keyboard or mouse. It was trashed inside and had insect nests inside the power supply. I had to buy a broken keyboard and repair it due to the complete lack of replacement parts out there today. After lots of TCL, this thing runs like a champ. It was a 2MB model upgraded to 4MB, but when I got this, there were some odd artifacts on the screen when booting up. After many hours of pulling my hair out, I traced it down to the upgraded memory being bad. Tested fine, but when removing them, video cleared up. Replaced the dead memory chips with two 1MB chips from my Atari 1040STE. Now I have the full 4MB without any video issues. It came with a 20MB SCSI internal drive running off of the Atari ACSI-SCSI adaptor that only works with a handful of ancient small drives. The SCSI drive works intermittently, it's on life support currently, boots and runs about 2 out of 3 times. SCSI drive is unplugged currently to avoid it failing completely. Don't really need it with the UltraSatan and AdSCSI Plus card.

Pictures of my MegaSTE

My MegaSTE is setup with the following goodies

UltraSatan - Amazing dual SD card ACSI hard drive solution. If you have an AtariSTE you know what a pain finding a compatible hard drive is for this. The ACSI interface makes it 10x worse.. The ICD Pro software works perfectly to setup 512MB and 2GB SD cards I tried. Of course you need to transfer this software over to the Atari first.

If you want to prepare the SD card outside of the Atari, I found this program works perfectly, even in Win7 x64.
Drive Image Software

If you want pre-made images for SD cards, are is a collection.
ST HD images.

AdSCSI Plus ST - This thing is amazing. After looking for many many months for some sort of hard drive I could use with my Atari computers, I finally found this bare card on eBay. Built a box for it and got some cables. Using the ICD Pro software, was able to get this seeing my 2GB Jaz drive and a SCSI CD-Rom drive. Then I was in business!! Was able to format and boot from 2GB Jaz disks and mount my CD-ROM with a standard ISO9600 image. I created a CD-ROM with all games from ones of the ST HD images Then I was able to copy them over to the new drives on the Jaz disk.

USB Mouse Adapter - Using an Atari ST USB adaptor someone in Ireland is selling on eBay.  However, wouldn't recommend it for an Atari MegaSTE.  I think the mouse port is underpowered on the separate keyboard.  I have another mouse adaptor,  This is the best thing you can get.  I use it on my Amiga, supports wheel mouse and three button for Amiga, also has switches to use on Atari ST or C64.  Using it with a PS2/USB converter I can use any usb mouse using the mouse port on the keyboard no problem.  However, with this USB one only for the AtariST,  I have only gotten it to work with one tiny (really tiny), laptop mouse from some trade show.  Every other USB mouse just flashes, but doesn't move.  The light flickers for the laser under all of them.  So I am guessing they aren't getting enough power.  However, I have an old Logitech wireless mouse I wasn't using, that the base receiver is the charger and the USB connector.  So I figured, being powered it probably doesn't draw much power from the USB port..  Bingo, it works with this adaptor perfectly and I get a fancy wireless mouse.  This adaptor probably works fine on a regular 520ST or 1040ST where the port is on the unit, not daisy chained off the keyboard.  This is what it is however.

SF314 Disk Drive - Another massive pain to find. External DS/DD 3.5" drive. Work great with the SD HxC Floppy Emulator

SD HxC Floppy Emulator - Amazing. That's the first thing I can think to say about this device. Check the link to see for yourself. This thing works as a floppy drive for HUGE list of machines. Atari, Commodore, TRS-80, Acorn, Sinclair etc.. Just load the boot strap menu to an SD card from a PC, convert your disk images, copy those over as well. Then boot up, select your image from the list, hit F7 and away it goes booting your image like a floppy. No more making floppies by hand on my old NetVista. Now what to do with the crate of blank DS/DD floppies I bought for the Atari.


I would love to find a VME video card for the MegaSTE. Also a second American keyboard. Why is it so freaking hard to find a keyboard?!?!?!