Gobbler (Puckman Bootleg)

Gobbler Pictures - My new favorite in my collection. I can't seem to find anything online about this. There is no reference to it in MAME. Google and Bing return results about various console ports called Gobbler or some variation of that. This uses the Puckman ghost names but does say Gobbler on the screen. The difficulty is much higher than standard Pacman. You can see in the pictures there is a bump in the lower maze and other changes to slow you down. The maze also disappears every third level and you have to do the maze from memory or trial and error.

If anyone knows anything about this cocktail let me know.

The only other reference of this game I can find on the Internets. However mine says "PUCKMAN" like is should vs "MUCKPAN" shown in the screen cap for this PCB on the second link.



The rest of my Gobbler Pics